Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Plan: Export PA NatGas to Canada Via Dreaded Pipelines in Frackless NY

Does Canada make a Good Bogeyman for Red-Necked Xenophobes in Upstate New York?

Or, rather, does Canada make a good bogeyman for those who seek to push their political agenda by needling the emotions of red-necked xenophobes in Upstate New York?

I realize that Canadians have a reputation for being so polite, and so nice, but this... this could mean war!

Persuasive strategists within New York's over-sized army of anti-fossil fuels and anti-fracking activists are undoubtedly considering the Canadian Question this morning.

Here's why:

These activists have been building up a growing list of various natural gas infrastructure battles being waged in still-frackless New York.  Close to the top on this list, they've been trying to kill a PA-NY natural gas pipeline proposed to run across their backyard upstate counties of Broome, Delaware, Chenango, Otsego, and Schoharie — the Constitution Pipeline. 

And here suddenly is a chance to gain some political traction with the otherwise skeptical local worthies in Upstate New York:  Iroquois — a different pipeline, which is already in place, slicing elsewhere across upstate — is testing the North American market for long-term interest in reversing its pipeline's originally intended, circa-1992 flow of natural gas from Canada toward the New York City metropolitan area — and exporting much of the shale gas instead to Canada!

It turns out there's so much natural gas being fracked out of the Appalachian Basin states of PA, WV, and OH — and so much natural gas that's soon expected to be made available to Iroquois at the planned Schoharie County, NY, junction with the Constitution Pipeline — that Iroquois is thinking about switching things up and sending nearly half of that new capacity to Canada.

Yeah, Canada — send it right across the St. Lawrence River through the customs curtain at Waddington, NY.

Here's a link to a specialized news service's coverage of this otherwise beneath-the-radar development.

Does that make an anti-fracker's blood boil?

Why should we New Yorkers have to tear up upstate to help out those Canadian bastards?

This could be like Keystone XL in reverse!

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