Sunday, October 14, 2012

Awesome Quotes From NY's Frack War

"Transportation Agreement — I am reserving seats on this bus in order to support the cause of natural gas development by attending a pro-gas rally in Albany.  If it is determined by any of the organizers of this event or their agents that I have another agenda making my claim of support fraudulent, the organizers or their agent shall have the right to refuse seats, to drop me off where ever they see fit, or to refuse any other service with no obligation to me.  The organizers reserve the right to claim theft of services and pursue all legal recourse against me should I act in any manner detrimental to the cause of promoting natural gas development in NY State.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
— Legalese accompanying an online sign-up for bus transportation to attend an Oct. 15,
2012 pro-gas rally in Albany, NY, put on by the new Landowner Advocates of NY.

“If you want to discourage fracking, ban gas in New York City, where your other house is.”
— Sidney, NY Town Supervisor Bob McCarthy, pointedly taking on opponents of natural gas
in all infrastructural forms by accusing them of being only part-time residents of NY's Leatherstocking
Region.  This is from an Oct. 11, 2012 article in the Oneonta Daily Star reporting Delaware County's
Board of Supervisors
voted 17-to-3 in favor of the PA-NY
Constitution Pipeline traversing at least
some part of its jurisdiction, despite significant protest from the usual forces.

"Please add my name to the list of citizens opposed to Route M of the Constitution Pipeline.  While I agree that natural gas, taken in isolation, has certain benefits to goals such as cleaner-burning fuels, my own opinion is that the hydrofracturing extraction process used in the Northeast to recover it has many impacts that militate against natural gas on a net basis."
Huffington Post "journalist" — and Burlington, NY, resident — Andrew Reinbach, joining
hundreds of other pipeline/shale gas opponents with his own Oct. 8, 2012 comment,
dutifully posted to the official web-filed record by FERC (search Docket Number PF12-9-000).

"Route M" is the developer's primary alternative
, devised in mid-stream in an attempt to
meet opponents halfway — by running much of the pipeline in or along the government's
Interstate Route 88 corridor.  Pipeline supporter NY Shale Gas Now was the first
statewide to advocate for such an idea in March 2012

"...[W]e don't think this is going to happen anytime soon.  And there is a good possibility that by the time all of these things come to be true, all of our leases will have expired."
Carrizo Oil & Gas investor relations officer Richard Hunter, quoted in an Oct. 12, 2012 story by NGI's
Shale Daily
(sorry, paid subscription required).  This was the Texas explorer's avowed lack of a plan for any follow-up to its vertical Marcellus shale test well — "discovered" by drilling opponents and media to be
underway some three weeks after it was started in the Town of Owego, Tioga County, NY.
  Note that this company doesn't seem to view as viable a claim of "force majeure" — which others have argued could legally extend leases on the grounds that New York State's shale gas moratorium has made it impossible to operate.

“We’ve heard of a lot of ways to do outdoor cooking but Troop 57 of Skaneateles certainly pulled a new one out of the bag recently.  The girls hiked along Otisco Lake through Puddin’ Mill Gorge where they cooked their lunch with natural gas which came up through the creek bed.”
— Item headlined “Troop 57 Does Out-Door Cooking in a New Way,” from the Skaneateles Historical
"Girl Scout Scrapbook," Skaneateles, NY, Dec. 1942.  This was side-barred in a Sept. 4, 2012
report on New York State's pre-existing condition — regarding naturally occurring methane-infused
water — by
William M. Kappel and Elizabeth A. Nystrom of the United States Geological Survey.
This illuminating report was virtually ignored by New York media, but you can find an intro, and a link to a
downloadable, six-page PDF, here
— complete with flaming water pics from the still-frackless Empire State.

"Man Allegedly Tries to Grab Officer's Handgun During Traffic Stop...  Man Indicted for Using Enemas, Resealing and Returning Them to Store...  Cornell’s International Ag Program Earns First USDA Global Award...  Man Has Pinkie Finger Severed in Machete Attack Over Beer at Daughter's Birthday Party...  Mother Accused of Burning Son's Hands on Stove For Touching iPad...  Man Cooking Squirrel For Lunch Ignites Fire That Destroys Apartments...  Mother Who Beat Toddler, Glued Child's Hands to Wall Sentenced to 99 Years in Prison..."
— Verbatim selection of top news headlines from WBNG TV, Channel 12, of Binghamton, NY
appearing on Oct. 13, 2012.  Only the Cornell one was of local or statewide relevance.

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