Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pre-"Gasland" Flaming Faucets in NYS:
Burning Spring Farm, Bristol, Ontario County

This clipping is from the Oswego (NY) Palladium-Times, April 11, 1988 — a pre-"Gasland" curiosity written by Carol Eisenberg of the AP (according to another version published the same day in The Citizen of Auburn, NY):

Going back even further in time, this next one was headlined "Why Go To Yellowstone? We Have Our Fiery Springs."  Looks like it made for some interesting Sunday reading in the Rochester paper, circa 1936.  I had to do some trimming to make it fit here, losing the headline, an over-contrasted photo of the farm, and some details regarding a legendary local Halloween prank which didn't have anything to do with Bristol's water.

To find these clippings, I relied entirely upon a web site called Old Fulton New York Postcards.  This appears to have been named for a prior obsession of the web master — before he landed upon his remarkable, primary mission:  Digitizing, and making keyword-searchable, entire microfilmed archives of old New York State newspapers.

And one more clipping — some pages from the Town of Bristol chapter in the History of Ontario County, NY.  Looks like media coverage of Bristol's "Burning Spring" goes back quite a ways.


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