Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Great Quotes From Upstate's Frack War

“No one denies the economic benefits are happening.”
— Pioneer anti-frack journalist Abrahm Lustgarten at an April 9, 2012, forum put on by ProPublica, the left-leaning investigative reporting collective that laundered funds to pay for all his early work.

"So the whole scheme shapes up to be an uneconomic structure whose primary purpose is to game the reg's to prove that some acreage might have uneconomic dry gas.  Sounds like a real propane commie clusterfrack, don’t  it?"
— Cooperstown, NY, anti-frack zealot James "Chip" Northrup in an April 5, 2012, posting — opposed to a landowner-brokered, Tioga County, NY, proposal, designed in part to appease environmentalists by substituting much smaller quantities of liquid propane for water as the medium of fracking.

"Fossil fuels are just so dangerously yesterday."
Ruth S. Young of Horseheads, NY, in an April 11, 2012, letter to the editor of the Binghamton Press, opposed to the same plan.

"I wonder if you haven't got your elephants ass-backwards. Given the volume of media attention toward drilling as the assumed culprit behind everything that's in Dimock water, it hardly qualifies. The true elephant in the room is the very real possibility that this water has returned to its pre-methane migration background state — some gassy, some with salts or minerals, but not toxic, and not anything that thousands of rural homeowners in PA and NY haven't long lived with."
Andy Leahy (NY Shale Gas Now), taking to task anti-frack reporter (and now anti-frack book author) Tom Wilber for his self-serving journalistic assumption to the effect that drilling impact on domestic water in Dimock, PA, represents some kind of "elephant in the room" in that long-running saga.

"Unfortunately, my clients cannot afford to pay me to travel to Albany to attend the conference.  It is our position that my clients have been dragged into this investigation for no meritorious or legitimate reason.  Although it is our position that this investigation is, in fact, frivolous, I am not avoiding the conference because of disrespect or irreverence to the tribunaL  Again, my clients simply cannot afford to pay a lawyer to represent them in Albany, NY."
— Dec. 6, 2011 letter from Robert J. Madigan, Jr. (a lawyer with Binghamton firm Coughlin & Gerhart), to the New York State Public Service Commission, while representing a land-owning couple in the Town of Sanford, Broome County, NY.  This had to do with a state inquiry against the developers of the so-called Bluestone Pipeline — but allegedly triggered by the actions of landowners, who harvested their trees along their portions of the anticipated route, far in advance of final project approval.

"Marcellus Land With House:  30 Acres of Marcellus shale with renovated & fully furnished home.  Great investment potential for gas royalties & lucrative rental income.  MLS #182006.  $199,900."
— From a print-only Exit Realty ad in a Binghamton Press insert, April 7, 2012.

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