Monday, January 16, 2012

Norse's 5th Shale Gas Application

[Update April 2, 2012:  The proposed Spacing Unit Map associated with this application has been obtained in PDF form and uploaded here.]

[Update Feb. 28, 2012:  Changed to reflect fixes to DEC database which show the originally listed township (Sanford) and county (Broome) were incorrect, but that the lat/long were, in fact, accurate.]

[Update Jan. 17, 2012:  See comments section for word from a DEC Minerals Division staffer that Norse has been alerted to its inputting error.]

Twitter associate @ikkeregistrert — who closely monitors Norse Energy, quite evidently as a stockholder — noticed this new application this morning:

API Well Number:  31007300000000 [click to Google-map it]
Well Name:  Sage, J. 1H
Company Name:  Norse Energy Corp USA
Well Type:  Not Listed
Well Status:  App to Drill/Plug/Convert
Objective Formation:  Marcellus
County:  Chenango
Town:  Smithville
Status Date:  1/13/2012
Permit Application Date:  1/6/2012
Well Orientation:  Horizontal
Surface Longitude:  -75.716573
Surface Latitude:  42.416048
Bottom Hole Longitude:  -75.726645
Bottom Hole Latitude:  42.425797
True Vertical Depth:  3168
Bottom Hole Total Measured Depth:  7891
Drilled Depth:  7891
Proposed Well Type:  Gas Wildcat
Spacing Acres:  196.14
Only trouble is, the coordinates auto-click into the Town of Smithville, Chenango County, which is quite a ways northwest of the Town of Sanford, Broome County.

So there's either a typo there, or the township and county are incorrect.  Knowing something about Norse's leasehold, it's probably that the township and county are incorrect.

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Donald Drazan said...

This application was submitted using the Department of Environmental Conservation's on line permitting system. Norse has been informed of the error in County and Town.
Donald Drazan
NYSDEC, Division of Mineral Resources