Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NY Post State Editor Fred Dicker on His Own Sponsor: "This Commercial is a Pack of Lies"

Here's a link to a trimmed-down MP3 audio file — a radio snippet which I originally whittled down and uploaded as a fat AIFF, but now borrow back from a fellow upstate blogger with better computer skills.

Here's what happened:  Yet another glossy incarnation of New York State's well-funded network of environmental lobbyists (now something dubbing itself A Million Fracking Letters Dot Com) today took out a 60-second ad on Talk 1300 AM, the Capital District talk radio program hosted by Fred Dicker — whose main journalistic career going back over many years has been State Editor for the New York Post.

The ad is a workmanlike example of Autumn Persuasiveness, including the announcer's sneering vocal intonation, layered over a relentless staccato of doom, and summarizing all manner of capitalist evil, and imminent devastation — poised to overtake our glorious Former Empire State.  This style of clenched-jaw anger management is something most half-conscious citizens of New York have grown accustomed to — especially in the days leading up to Election Day.  But what's totally nutso, in this case, is that there really is no electoral race in which gullible listeners could afterwards vent their industrially spun outrage in the voting booth.

After the break, Dicker came back on the air to immediately give a priceless reply to the essentially anonymous entity buying air time on his own show.  He started with a quote from a fast-emailing listener:  "This commercial is a pack of lies."

Go ahead and listen for yourself, and tell me again the anti-drillers are a hard-done-by constituency, standing for truth, justice, science, or the little guy. 

They aren't.

This is manipulative, cynical, got-mine, screw-you, big money talking.

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