Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Frack War, Year 3: Commence Exploitation of Children in Advertising

This is the Come-One, Come-All poster for the 2011 version of Cabot's Community Picnic — to be held Saturday, July 23, at the Harford Fair Grounds, just off Route 81, in Susquehanna County, (NE)PA.  Over the last four years of extensive Marcellus shale gas development in that locality, Cabot Oil & Gas has made a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies — although I think it would be fair to say that their enemies are way louder.  About 2,300 mostly friends showed up during the premier event last year, and this year, in addition to free food and gifts, they're going to showcase a lot of heavy equipment — which should easily win over this guy.

These are ads from an anti-fracking campaign put out by a well-endowed network of Hudson River area green groups.  They've got so much money floating around, placing these ads, I've even seen certain versions of them turn up on pro-drilling web sites, such as  At the time of their original release, April 2011, my favorite remark upon them came from Jennifer K. Levine, writing for the NYS Business Council, who said:  "This girl is adorable, all dressed up in her water ranger gear.  Let’s cut to 10 years from now when she can’t find a job and has to pack up her superhero cape and goggles and leave New York in search of a brighter future."

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