Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NY Shale Gas Now Formally Challenges NY AG Schneiderman's License to Practice Law

New York State Bar Association
Committee on Professional Standards
40 Steuben Street
Albany, NY 12207


As a citizen, taxpayer, landowner (1/10th acre), working person, and registered Democrat in New York State, I hereby challenge any right and privilege New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman might have to practice law anywhere within your jurisdiction.

Here's why:  Yesterday — in an effort to impress that part of his electoral base which has become completely freaked out about the use of hydraulic fracturing to hopefully someday produce natural gas from deep, privately owned beds of shale — Schneiderman announced a lawsuit indirectly aimed against the Delaware River Basin Commission, a state-federal compact organization in which New York State holds one of the five voting seats.

Call me a purist, but — to my way of thinking — Schneiderman, the top lawyer for NY, just essentially sued his own client.  

I think that's a slam-dunk conflict.

If he was my lawyer, and he similarly went after an organization in which I was a partner, I would have fired him on the spot — with relish.

Please forgive the informality of my filing, but I do mean every word of it, and I hope to hear from you shortly.

Andy Leahy

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